Design Thinking for
IT Companies
  • Increased User Centricity
    Apple, Google, Adobe are fine examples

    -Understand user behaviour and expectations in a clear and easy process
    -Develop next generation solutions based on
    stark user insights
    -Move from functionality towards delightful, intuitive and unique experiences
  • Culture of experimentation
    Citrix is a leading case study

    -Involve user in building and testing of software/hardware throughout the lifecycle
    -Adopt agile methodology
    to cater to user needs
    -Use iterations and proof-of-concepts to avoid failure and build customer trust
  • Sales excellence
    SAP, Infosys are pioneers

    -Use case and user experience based sales strategy for higher success rate
    -Drastically reduced
    sales cycles
    -Adopt modern approaches like Co-Innovation workshops for stakeholder buy-in

Technology industry is rapidly trying to adopt design. However, there is often limited understanding of the design process, and dynamics of design projects. Our workshop 'Design Thinking for Technology Strategy' offers senior leaders like delivery heads and sales heads a hands-on experience of design process. Based on this experience, they review their organization structures and project workflows to transform smoothly into a design led technology company, that can achieve higher customer trust and establish thought leadership in the market.

Under the traditional waterfall development cycle, project management was comparatively linear in approach. With adoption of methodologies like Agile and Dev-ops, project flows become more iterative with higher levels of ambiguity, and begin to resemble creative design projects from a management perspective. Our workshop 'Design Thinking for Innovation Management' gives IT managers a hands-on experience of managing such high-risk projects, right from the stage of need gathering, solution architecture, to delivery and deployment.

IT Engineers
In our workshop 'Design Thinking for Customer Centred IT', they learn the skills of empathy and immersive user research which helps them come up to speed with live projects and become productive rapidly, they learn to collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop new innovative solutions to technical challenges, and finally they learn the rigour and nuances of usability-testing and concept validation to launch projects with faster go-live and reduced risk.
Pre-sales & Consulting
Solution Architecture
  • Most Design Thinking Training firms focus on UX. TinkerLabs' focussed elaborately on the whole process - from user research to different prototyping techniques. My entire team benefitted immensely from their workshop. The terms from the workshop have now become common jargons at work.

    Kapil Kapoor
    Director, PTC Inc.

  • When L&T Infotech decided to adopt Design Thinking, we were considering several vendors from tops professors to Design Studios. Almost all players were talking about Design as a generic problem solving tool; only TinkerLabs was able to contextualize Design Thinking for IT Services. We started our Design Thinking Journey with TinkerLabs on Dec' 2015 and we continue to work very closely with them.

    "KNK" Venkataraman KNK
    EVP & Head of Global Business Operations - IMS BU, L&T Infotech

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