Design Thinking for
Corporate Firms

World over, the business environment is evolving at unprecedented pace, challenges are complex and need fast and innovative solutions. In such a scenario, Design Thinking is appropriately being adopted by companies across sectors like Technology, Consumer Goods, Financial Services and Manufacturing. Giants like Google, Infosys, P&G, Deutche Bank, General Electric are all preparing their workforce to be more innovative using Design Thinking.

We offer seminars, workshops, and learning journeys on Design Thinking customized for roles like Marketing, Operations, General Management, Finance, Technology et al. Programs are also customized based on experience levels, from Management/Engineering Trainees to Project Managers, Department Heads and CXOs

Design Thinking for Adaptive Strategy


In volatile business environments, strategy is no longer about predicting market trends and stocking up products and offering services to cater to those predicted market needs. In such a fast-paced environment, strategy is about setting up delivery systems (whether products or services) which are flexible and agile, which can sense the dynamic market needs and respond quickly by re-organizing themselves. Our workshop 'Design Thinking for Adaptive Strategy' introduces the concepts of Adaptive Enterprise and Design Driven Innovation Strategy for senior leadership.

When business problems are well defined, project management is all about setting up processes, rigorous planning and monitored execution. With complex and ill-defined problems, however, the demands from project management change. In today's economy where customer expectations and business trends change rapidly, project managers have to manage increasing amount of ambiguity and unknown factors in their role. Our workshop 'Design Thinking for Innovation Management' simulates this dynamic real-world environment where they learn to sense the market pulse and respond quickly and appropriately.

Design Thinking for Innovation Management


Design Thinking for Creative Problem Solving


 Our flagship workshop 'Design Thinking for Creative Problem Solving' has been designed for Management trainees and fresh graduates from B-schools. They learn the skills of empathy and immersive user research which helps them come up to speed with live projects and become productive rapidly, they learn to collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop new innovative solutions to business challenges in want for fresh perspective, and finally they learn the rigor and nuances of user-testing and concept validation to launch projects with reduced time-to-market and risk.

Snippets from one of our past workshop

  • A PSU attending such workshop is a one off - I am so glad I was a part of this different experience. I have extracted two fold benefit from the workshop:
    1) I have applied it on some current problems of Western Railways and realized tremendous results
    2) I have transformed my team of clerks to team of Design Thinkers

    Sharat Chandrayan
    Chied Public Relationship Officer, Western Railways (Indian Railways)

  • Our team has greatly benefitted from the workshop where they learnt the 3i’s – ideation, implementation and innovation. The team felt that the format used for workshop was a good example of how innovations can be done on a continual basis at the workplace. The workshop design created an atmosphere of enthusiasm and positive spirits among the groups to unlock their potential ideate new concepts to seek amicable long term solutions to the most challenging situations through collaborative interactions.

    Mallav Dani
    Managing Director, Hitech Plast (an Asian Paints subsidiary)

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