Innovation Consulting using
Design Thinking
Service Design
We are living in an experience economy, where customers are no longer buying products but the whole experience of consuming products or services. This calls for rigorous design of any company's engagement with its customers across all touchpoints. Using design methods like Customer Journey Mapping, Empathy Mapping and User Personnas, we help companies design complete services and experiences for their customers.We recently worked with a leading online store that deals in kids products. They wanted to launch new services for their clients i.e. young mothers and pregnant women. We started with ethnographic study of users' lives with 36 families across 5 cities in India, generating clear insights about user pain points and aspirations. From there, we went on to develop multiple service prototypes, validated and refined them with end users in co-creation workshops.
Alexander Osterwalder's Business Model Canvas is a globally popular tool for new business ventures. The BMC illustrates how good products or services alone do not make successful businesses- one has to firstly find the right value proposition to address unmet user needs, then find the right channels to deliver the value, and eventually figure out appropriate revenue models to make a complete business.We help startups and new ventures of established organizations in developing complete business models. Often, our clients come to us when they are struggling to find business value in their fantastic products or services. We work with to identify alternatives across building blocks of a Business Model.

Business Model Design
User Research
Deep, immersive user research is indeed the fountainhead of any meaningful human-centred-design. We apply techniques like ethnography, shadowing, master-apprentice research etc. to develop sharp insights about user behaviour and uncover unmet and unsaid user needs.One common challenge with such extensive research is documentation and sharing of information. We synthesize our research using design methods like Customer Journey Mapping, Empathy Mapping and User Personnas. These come handy later when the client is building their service and charting out their customer experience journeys.
  • I have the experience of working with IDEO. I compare TinkerLabs' work no less than that of IDEO. Top quality- research planning, design research execution, synthesis and recommendations. Indeed, the most powerful Design Thinking Consultancy in India!

    Al Majumdar
    Strategy Head, Mahindra Retail

  • For an Innovation Project we were relying heavily on Business Research. After multiple attempts at designing the new service - we decided to collaborate with TinkerLabs as our Design Thinking Consultants. Through design research they were able to help us: validate some of our solutions, negate some and refine the results.
    All this is just three weeks!

    Vikram Goel
    Business Leader, Digital Transformation Strategy, Tech Mahindra

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