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Quick, not as in within a month, or a week, no. In a day, overnight. And not without due finesse haan :) It's the reality of any high growth startup. The team needs to be swift, think on the feet, learn and adapt quickly. When you are an innovator, you will realise that time and space begin to take a back seat, we love people who experience the state of flow when they work. 

Innovative environments are full of ambiguity and conflict. And hence, being transparent and authentic is critical. Plus, it's so much more fun working with people who keep their cards open :) At the heart of design thinking lies the ability to be your true self, we believe that each individual's authenticity enables innovative thought. 

Yes we value fresh ideas, but the mad passion to turn ideas into reality, even more so! Beg, borrow, steal; hustle through, and make it happen! We appreciate people who can take initiative and own up. All the great innovators in the world hustled in the beginning, they used what they had and created history. 

We love folks who are not just comfortable with, rather keen on working with people who have complementary skills and conflicting opinions. Folks who can survive thrive in a diverse team!

Have you heard of the slogan 'first time right'? Yeah, we don't believe in that. We like to try, learn from our mistakes, and keep improving. Not knowing is fine. But don't fear trying. Design thinking and innovation needs people to be open to ambiguity and exploration. 

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Job profile & expectations

  1. Comfortable with designing, moderating and/or conducting research to identify underlying belief systems and mental models at play
  2. Comfortable with analysis of vast amounts of ambiguous data - Ability to converge from secondary and primary research findings and package invisible problems and insights
  3. Design effective frameworks for synthesis of themes & analysis of behaviour  
  4. Identify & diagnose behavioural themes and principles - ability to apply Behaviour Science, HCD principles and methodologies, ability to identify and map behavioural biases in the real-world
  5. Make sense of and visually map vast amounts of data to highlight and prioritise problem-opportunity areas
  6. Present complex data to senior stakeholders - simplify & package insights & analysis effectively
  7. Lead the internal team through ambiguous parts of the process
  8. Understand business objectives and the business end of things - deliver behaviour change and business outcomes as per the success metrics and project scope 

You should apply if you resonate with at least 2 of the following

  • Enjoys the space of insighting and sense-making
  • Likes taking extensive research and insights to fruition - actionable outcomes
  • Has worked in account planning / brand strategy teams / Human Centred Design / Design Thinking / Behaviour Design projects or any domain that analyses user behaviour
  • Enjoys leading projects, building & leading deliverables & making presentations to the client
  • Excited about & exposed (in some way) to applied behavioural science

Type of projects & style of working you can expect

  1. A wide variety of sectors to work with - you will get to apply Behaviour Design to tackle wicked problems and complex challenges in a diverse range of projects
  2. Projects and project phases that need more focus on the depth, but also keep in mind the breadth of a problem
  3. A lot of autonomy - relying on your drive and sharp decision-making ability
  4. Fast-paced but in-depth work - focusing on actionable outcomes
  5. Corporate consulting projects you could be a part of - Helping a fast-growing company improve their user onboarding experience, Helping a neobank startup build a set of features for its MVP, Helping an insurance company become an innovation-friendly space amongst others
  6. Social Sector projects (We work extensively in the space of SRHR, WASH, Infectious Diseases & Education amongst others) you could be a part of - Redesigning the TB patient experience to improve self-management & adherence, Helping wives of migrants with family planningEnabling the youth to choose condoms over pills amongst others

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