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About DOCC

It started in 1993 with an idea of six week social project in rural areas or urban slums for PGDM participants. The participants after the completion of first year are mandatorily required to take up 6-week social projects. Working in socially and economically disadvantaged sections exposes them to hardships and hence instils in them the need to contribute to the society.  In the past years SPJIMR students have carried out approximately 1300 DOCC projects with more than 800 from NGOs, and other from funding organizations, Corporate, government bodies. The advantages of this arrangement are manifold and attempts to bring NGOs and the corporate sector closer together, with SPJIMR acting as an intermediary.

Design Thinking in DOCC

This year SP Jain collaborated with TinkerLabs to empower and enable their students to use Design Thinking during their DOCC projects.

TinkerLabs conducted a 1 day workshop on Design Thinking for Social Innovation with elaborate focus on creating a roadmap for students to use Design Thinking on their social projects.

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