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New products. New Packaging. New Marketing Communication. As the customer becomes increasingly demanding, and brand loyalties swivel, FMCG companies are pushed to innovate to stay on top of the game.

Uncovering customer needs becomes a key enabler for innovation. Design Thinking, with its central focus on techniques like ethnography, offers just what the doctor ordered. Further, to keep pace with evolving tastes, Design Thinking offers another strategic advantage with rapid prototyping. Leading FMCG companies like HUL, P&G, PepsiCo among many others are adopting Design Thinking to succeed in this innovation game!

Good news is Design Thinking skills can be acquired by non designers. In our bootcamp at HUL, marketing and operations managers designed a user friendly toothbrush, used insights from rural lifestyles to conceive a novel savings account, and engaged in Origami to discover the 'value' of playfulness!

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